Course Leads - Matt Summers and Nikki Williams

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Business and Society 1 MK4008 Module
Business and Society 2 MK5002 Module
Business Process Analysis MKU-M10 Module
Cyber security principles and practices MKU-M11 Module
Data Analysis and Visualisation MKU-M12 Module
Digital Mathematics and Programming [DMP] MK4006 Module
Leading change [MKU] MK5005 Module
Managing Strategic Customers MKU-M37 Module
Professional Project [MKU] MKU-M40 Module
Professional skills 1 [MKU] MK4001 Module
Professional skills 2 [MKU] MK5001 Module
Secure Software Development MK4007 Module
Security Operations Management MKU-M41 Module
Strategy in Action MKU-M43 Module
Study Skills Hub MKU-STUDY-SKILLS Level
The Digital World MK4003 Module

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Business and Society 1 CURRENT 11/01/2023 15:07:19
Digital Mathematics and Programming [DMP] CURRENT 21/02/2024 14:04:52
Networks CURRENT 31/01/2023 14:33:39
Secure Software Development CURRENT 16/09/2022 09:33:13
The Digital World CURRENT 08/02/2022 09:14:26