Course Director: Laura Hugh **first intake Sept 2023**

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Analytical Techniques R-FP-AT Module
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis R-FP-BPA Module
Body Fluids R-FP-BF Module
Courtroom Skills R-FP-CS Module
Digital Scene Forensics R-FP-DSF Module
Fakes and Forgeries R-FP-FF Module
Fire Engineering R-FP-FENG Module
Fires, Explosions and their Investigation R-FP-FEI Module
Forensic Archaeology: Mass Grave Excavation R-FP-FAMGE Module
Forensic Ecology R-FP-EFS Module
Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology and Osteology R-FP-FFAO Module
Further Forensic Anthropology: Identification R-FP-FFAI Module
Introduction to Fire Investigation R-FP-IFI Module
Introductory Studies R-FP-IS Module
Investigation and Evidence Collection R-FP-IEC Module
Mass Fatality Incidents R-FP-MFI Module
Practical Archaeological Excavation R-FP-PAE Module
Radiographic Investigations in Forensic Science R-FP-RIFS Module
Reasoning for Forensic Science R-FP-RFS Module
Thesis [FP] R-FP-THESIS Module
Trace Evidence R-FP-TE Module

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Analytical Techniques [FP] CURRENT 27/10/2023 10:27:13
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis CURRENT 30/11/2023 18:15:24
Body Fluids CURRENT 31/01/2024 09:29:32
Courtroom Skills [FP] CURRENT 01/11/2021 08:31:52
Digital Scene Forensics CURRENT 22/06/2023 08:34:35
DNA CURRENT 04/12/2023 14:50:15
Fakes and Forgeries [FP] CURRENT 30/11/2023 18:21:13
Fire Engineering CURRENT 19/10/2023 12:18:38
Fires, Explosions and their Investigation [FP] CURRENT 18/01/2024 11:31:02
Forensic Archaeology: Mass Grave Excavation [FP] CURRENT 29/02/2024 12:36:55
Forensic Ecology [FP] CURRENT 13/03/2024 12:13:55
Forensic Imaging CURRENT 06/12/2023 14:26:58
Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology: Osteology CURRENT 20/02/2024 11:03:03
Further Forensic Anthropology: Identification [FP] CURRENT 20/02/2024 11:04:22
Introduction to Fire Investigation CURRENT 07/02/2023 10:40:36
Introductory Studies [FP] CURRENT 04/05/2023 13:19:00
Investigation and Evidence Collection [FP] CURRENT 06/12/2023 10:13:02
Mass Fatality Incidents [FP] CURRENT 14/03/2024 09:37:45
Practical Archaeological Excavation [FP] CURRENT 28/03/2024 08:52:40
Radiographic Investigations in Forensic Science CURRENT 11/03/2024 15:33:39
Reasoning for Forensic Science [FP] CURRENT 19/01/2023 14:48:00
Temporary Mortuary Operations CURRENT 12/04/2024 10:30:46
Trace Evidence [FP] CURRENT 12/01/2023 09:09:00
Trauma Weapon Effects [FP] CURRENT 21/02/2024 15:01:32