Course Directors : Rosina Watson and Kenisha Garnett ** MSc Apprenticeship: MSSUSPAC

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Circular Innovation MX-SU-CIN Module
Economics of Sustainability MX-SU-EOS Module
Environmental Innovation I-EMB-A1128 Module
Environmental Risks: Hazard, Assessment and Management I-ERM-A2005 Module
Evaluating Environmental Sustainability I-EDI-A1127 Module
Induction [SUST-IND] SUST-IND Module
Leading Sustainable Business MXM-LSB Module
Performance Management and Reporting MX-SU-PMR Module
Personal Leadership for Sustainability MX-SU-PLS Module
Practice-based thesis (individual thesis project) [Sustainability] MX-SU-THS Module
Principles of Sustainability I-EMB-A1122 Module
Risk Communication and Perception I-ERM-A2014 Module
Social Entrepreneurship M-E-SEM Module
Strategic Foresight I-EMB-A1005 Module
Sustainability in Practice MX-SU-SIP Module
Sustainable and Circular Supply Chains MX-SU-SCSC Module
Work-based project (end-point assessment) [Sustainability] MX-SU-WBP Module

Lists linked to Sustainability MSc - Part Time and Online

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Circular Innovation CURRENT 20/04/2023 09:28:19
Economics of Sustainability CURRENT 15/06/2023 08:38:05
Environmental Innovation CURRENT 12/09/2023 10:45:47
Environmental Risks: Hazard, Assessment and Management CURRENT 11/10/2023 09:12:53
Evaluating Environmental Sustainability CURRENT 17/06/2022 15:06:59
Leading Sustainable Business CURRENT 13/05/2024 12:28:54
Performance Management and Reporting Ended 16/08/2023 12:54:31
Personal Leadership for Sustainability (PLS) CURRENT 07/02/2023 16:53:28
Principles of Sustainability CURRENT 02/04/2024 09:00:32
Risk Communication and Perception CURRENT 10/06/2024 09:35:13
Social Entrepreneurship CURRENT 10/02/2021 09:56:48
Strategic Foresight CURRENT 31/07/2020 10:39:29
Sustainable and Circular Supply Chains CURRENT 11/04/2024 14:48:11