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Cranfield Defence and Security

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Aerosystems MSc MSAYSPTR Course
Ammunition Technical Officers' Course SCATOFNR Course
Applied Mathematics and Operational Research Programme AMOR Programme
Battlespace Technology MSc MSBTCPTR Course
CBRN Defence Science Course CBRNDSC Course
CDS Doctoral Researchers CDSDOC Level
Counterterrorism Programme COUNTER Programme
Defence Acquisition Management DAM Programme
Defence and Security Programme DSP Programme
Defence Cyber Masters Programme DCMP Programme
Defence Engineering Programme DEP Programme
Defence Equipment Engineering DEE Programme
Defence Leadership DLS Programme
Executive Master of Business Administration (Defence) Programme EMBAD Programme
Expeditionary Warfare Systems Engineering and Technology EWS Programme
Explosives Ordnance and Engineering EOE Programme
Forensic Programme FP Programme
Geointelligence and International Security RSMS GSI Programme
Guided Weapon Systems GWS Field
Gun Systems Design GSD Programme
Information Capability Management ICM Programme
International Defence and Security IDS Programme
Investigative Sciences MSc MSINVPTC Course
Military Aerospace and Airworthiness MAA Programme
Military Construction Engineering MCE Programme
Military Electronic Systems Engineering MES Programme
Military Vehicle Technology MVT Programme
MSc Systems Engineering for Defence Capability - Part Time MSSECPTR Course
Petroleum Chemistry and Technology (Officers' Petroleum Course) SCPCTFNR Course
Programme and Project Management PPM Programme
Royal Engineers Force Protection Engineering SCFPEFNR Course
Security Sector Management SSM Programme
Study Skills Hub STUDSKILLS-CU Subject
Systems Engineering for Defence Capability MSc - Full Time MSSECFTR Course
Systems Engineering MSc - Part Time MSSEEPTC Course
Systems Engineering Specialising in Defence MSc UAE MSSERFTC Course
Systems Thinking and Practice MSc - Part Time MSSTPPTC Course
Weapons Vehicle Systems Performance Programme WVS Programme

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CDS Doctoral Research CURRENT 15/02/2022 10:35:54
Study Skills Hub CURRENT 19/05/2022 09:05:26